The Witch and the Princess

Once upon a time, there was a evil witch in a beautiful land. The evil witch loved the beautiful land, because the beautiful land gave her “evil inspiration”. This was because if she lived in a ugly, burned out, scary land, she would have no evil to produce, because everything was evil already! And that made her feel like she was “good”. The witches name was The Witch, because everyone called her the witch. No one in the village nearby said, “Oh, let’s go burn down Ella’s house!” No, they said, “Let’s go burn down The Witch’s house!” So that was The Witch’s Story.

Also Once upon a time, there was a dazzling, kind princess in a ugly, burned out, and scary land. The Princess loved the ugly, burned out land, because the land gave her “good inspiration”. If she lived in a good land like the Witch did, she would have no goodness to produce, for everything was good already, and that made her feel, *shudders* eevvvilllll….

So, do you think this story makes sense?

Yes or No?

Today I was watching cartoons, and I noticed, why do you always see skulls in the desert? Like, wouldn’t it get buried sooner or later from all the sandstorms? And why do you only see the skull, is it like the body died elsewhere? Like there is a wacko beheading dude in the middle of the desert. Yeah.

If I was a superhero, I would probably have a flying power. First, cuz that would be SO COOL!! And second, I have always dreamed of flying. Ever since I was little. But what if you flew, but couldn’t get back down? That would be kinda scary. How would you eat? I guess people could toss food to you…

Oh wait.. off topic! I’d also need a sidekick. Yep. A sidekick would be like on of my sisters. Actually… maybe henchmen. Oh wait… that sounds to evil. Okay, side kick.

I would have a cape. Oh yeah. Every one needs a cape. I love capes. They’re great for dramatic entrances and more. It’s like, ” *whips cape around randomly but still looks cool* I’ve got you now, (insert bad guy’s name here)!”

Ha ha… so that would be cool.

I’m sorry everyone I haven’t posted for a LONG time. I’m just so busy now that school has started. I’m now in the fifth grade. It’s easy so far, but I know it will get harder. It’s like everything’s easy the first month and then BAM! They surprise you with weird questions asking you what it “3628462947834 x 98723487 – 983773534 + 897483 = ?” . Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a little.


Okay, guys. I’m sorry I haven’t posting much. I was SO busy!! So my summer was AMAZING!!! In July, I went to the beach almost everyday for a month!! I went snorkeling! I saw so many fishes! Also, we were supposed to go to Yosemite, but there was a huge fire there, and my sister got sick, so did my dad, my other sister, and me. So I guess the signs were pretty clear we weren’t meant to go.

So right now, I’m going to a camp that has a sheep named Boo-Boo, a goat named Taffy, a pony named Cricket, a rabbit named Sammy, a hamster named Lovebug, 3 chickens, (Lola, Coco, Coconut, and a snake named Slither. So the camp is in Silverado somewhere, and it’s very fun!! We once put a hose down a regular playground slide, and boom! It’s a waterslide! But I went really fast, and I kept falling at the end, so they blew up a bounce house and put it on the end!! It was SO AWESOME!!

Also, yesterday, Taffy and Boo-Boo fought. They were head butting and everything! And Boo-Boo was only a baby! He is 8 months old. So Boo-Boo got hurt!!

So far, my summer was pretty cool. How was yours? :)


T’day I was writing in my journal and I wrote this. 



If this journal lasted for…I don’t know 5 million years, (highly unlikely) and it was the only record of the 21st century, I’d have to tell a lot. An what if the future people found this 500 million years later, but our language evolved so they couldn’t read my writing. They’d think it was a little child’s scribbles, so they probably throw it away, not realizing it was very precious. That would be a sad tragedy. So. What IF that happened? The future people could have no knowledge of the 21st century whatsoever.I think the future people would be a less “technologized” nation, for the 21st century, as I like to call it, “The Age of Technology”. And 500 million years later, there would be no one to say anything. And that is because maybe there would be a atom bomb war and wiped out all human kind. So that is what could happen. 

Fourth of July!

Fourth of July was yesterday! I went camping with some friends. It was really fun! But we had some downsides. First, we went fishing. My mom took me to some “kids’ fishing place” and let us fish there. I thought the fish was naturally there until my mom told me that they put live fish in there just for us. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to make us feel “special” or something, or just gross me out. That’s so cruel! It’s like some person putting you in a room full of food, and you’re starving, but if you take the food, you die. :(. And I didn’t catch any fish. Our friend’s car broke down too. Well, some good parts were that we got to roast marshmellows, all that good stuff. So, overall, my fourth was great! What about yours?

Oh say can you see…


Today, my friend and I were walking by at school, and then we saw a penny and started to pick it up. Then my friend, who has a very imaginative mind, stops me. She goes,

Friend- Stop! What are you doing!?

Me- Picking up this penny.

Friend- Don’t! What if some homeless dude wants it, and it’s his last last piece of money!

Me- I’m pretty sure that’s not-

Friend- OR, what if that’s a SPECIAL kind of penny? Maybe fate has decided to leave it there.

Me- And maybe fate has decides that I’m going to pick it up!

I reached down and picked it up. My friend knocks my hand and it comes tumbling out. And surprisingly, the penny goes right back where it was… :-)