Hello, again. I’m just doing this because my dad said so. I’m am SO bored. Why should I post this if no one reads it? If you read it, like, do something so I know.  Well, since I have nothing to do, I’m just going to tell you about myself. My favorite color is pink, I’m 9 years old, I love, going to Knott’s Berry Farm, and my favorite ride there is the Sidewinder. It is so fun. I have never been on the ride Ghostrider. I think it is really scary, because, it is like, SUPER high. I hate going to the after school place. It is very boring. Like, there is a big space that is perfect for like, playing catch, and they only let us stay in a room as big as like, A BATHROOM!!  I have two sisters named Sarah and Hannah. They are playing a computer game right now. I’m in 3rd grade, too.


One thought on “SO BORED

  1. You are not sounding like bored, and seems have been a lot of places end enjoyed a lot of fun, too. Wish I could have much fun as you do…

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