• Hello, I have just finished a picture for a   contest about water and stuff. My dad is in Las Vegas and then he is coming home on Wednesday, and then he is  going to China. I just finished a play, with my sisters, Sarah and Hannah. right now I have nothing to do pretty much. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. in a hummingbird’s nest, when I look out my window, I can see those cute teeny little heads poking out. They are soon going to fly away. There are 2 babies. Now, REALLY have nothing to do, so I am going to mess with those little things that are like, on top.  I am awesome. Remember that now. Now I am REALLY awesome.

     I am TOTALLY not awesome. 

     You are awesome. In some way you are great. Like, sometimes you are awesome at not being awesome. That still counts at being awesome. 

  • Hello, world!! i really enjoy getting emails. So please comment when you can. 

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