Hi, everyone. I have nothing to write about, basically I just did this to like, change the fact that it is still Spring break. And it isn’t. I’m just so sad. about that. Also, do you think more kids have blogs than adults? I think that adults have more, cuz like, well, I just assume adults have more because they are over 18, and they can do almost whatever they want. I personally, want to be an adult, but I kinda don’t. Like, there are all these responsibilities that you have to take care of. Like, bills, taxes, and anything that has to do with money. It makes them stressful. Almost all the adults they are like, “Ahh, I have to pay my mortgage bill and stuff. Oh, I have to pay my taxes.” I think that is the difference with kids and adults. Kids don’t have to worry about these things. The thing kids have to worry about are homework, and college, (well, not really college) and other things.  That might be different with other kids out there, but that’s the fact for me. Well, now I have to go eat dinner, so bye bye!


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