Ahh, so school has finally started.  It’s okay. Not as devastating as i thought it would be. But they do give a lot of homework. I am in 4th grade now! And I’m in AAPAS, or something like that. Its for advanced kids, that are like really smart. That’s why I had to be removed from my old school. (*__*) I miss all my friends. But..on the bright side, some my friends got into AAPASS too! So I’m  pretty much okay.    So I have 2 new things that is different is SCIENCE CLASS AND MUSIC. I like them both. In science, maybe we get to dissect stuff! And you know how you have to pick an instrument in fourth grade? Well I picked VOCALS! Like, I liked all the other choices. ( cello, violin, viola)  but that would just clash with my piano, since I already take that. Vocals is pretty good.  And my new school is good too, so…EVERYTHING’S GOOD! 😛


2 thoughts on “School!

  1. I am glad school is good. Pretty cool you are in advanced classes…. nice to be smart, isn’t it? Dissecting?! Oh wow! Maybe I should look into that for my 5th graders… they’d enjoy that!

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