Cecilia the Superhero!!! #1

     Once upon a time, there was a grown up woman Cecilia. Her dad went on a trip to China, and he made a Lot of money. so he bought 3 houses. 1 for each of his kids. One for Cecilia, 1 for Sarah, and 1 for Hannah. Cecilia had shortish black brown hair, and she was very nice. She was a spy in secret. she spied on all bad guys in the world. Her friend was a tech master. She was her sidekick. 

      One day, Sarah, overheard a conversation with 2 bad guys. They planned to steal a priceless gold necklace! Sarah was so scared! She called the police. She called the S.W.A.T. She called the Navy Seals. they wouldn’t help her. So she went to the basics. She called her dad. She called her sister, Hannah, she called her great aunts nephews cousins daughter’s cousin. THEY ALL DIDN”T HELP.  So the final decision. She called CECILIA!!! (Funky theme song!!)Cecilia rushed over.” What’s wrong?!?” She yelled. “Somebody is trying to steal my gold necklace!” “Hmm..” Said Cecilia.  “are the burglars using a GPS?” She asked her friend.  “Umm…Yeah.” Said Cecilia’s Friend. (CF for short.) “OK change their destination to my house.” “Why would you do that?” asked Sarah. Cecilia sighed. “My house has like a lot of techno gizmos and traps, with passwords and stuff. If they mess up the password, they get in a net full of Hannah’s Daughter’s Diapers.” “OHHH…  Is that why you always ask Hannah for diapers? I thought you were using them! ” Cecilia glared at Sarah. Sarah just burst out laughing. 

The Night Where Burglars Come to Cecilia’s House…

        Cecilia was reading a book when all of a sudden, she heard a crash. Must be caught in Hannah’s diaper traps. She thought. Soon she heard crashes and whispers. They didn’t get caught in the traps? You have GOT to be kidding me. Sigh. Gotta change to spy mode…again. she slipped into a unfashionable cat suit. I wish I could glitter this old cat suit up. SO last century. 

    Cecilia went down to the burglars and beat them up. The put them in a net going to jail. She asked them a question before they left. “Oh yeah, how did you get out of my traps?’ She asked. “Oh, don’t you recognize me? Oh you wouldn’t. you take the time to know me.” THE BURGLAR WAS WEARING A MASK!!!!! The burglar ripped the mask off. IT WAS CF!!!  CF managed to fit in 4last words before the police dragged them off to jail. It was…”join our side, Cecilia.” 

            To be continued…..


Notes from the author Cecilia

Hello world! Here are some notes about the story. 

1. I am not a grownup. I am a 9 year old kid in California. 

2. I am not a spy. 

3. I have never beaten anyone up. 

hoped you liked the story! 

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