Stuff…I don’t know what else to call it.

      Hey! Sorry I haven’t wrote in so long. i am REALLY busy with school and stuff. Soo..First, starting with Halloween. It was so cool! I was a spider countess, and one of my sisters was a pirate girl, the other a penguin. We also went with my friend. She was dressed up like a box of popcorn. My friends sister, Jasmine, was dressed like Sleeping Beauty. My sisters and I got three bags of candy! It was so awesome.  

     Okay, now for the more recent news. Last week, my sisters and I auditioned for the dance  competition team. There was about 45 people also trying out. The teacher told us that only 6 people would pass the test for jazz, and 7 people would get into hip hop competition team. We tried out and eveything. So, today…we got the results. It was not good. IT WAS AWESOME!! I actually got in! My sisters too! I GOT IN JAZZ, AND MY SISTERS GOT IN HIP HOP!!!!! I’m so exited! We will get to go to competition! YEAH!!Imagethis is the pumpkin I carvedcarved. ImageImageImageImageour numbers!


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