New Year!

 Happy New Year! Sorry I forgot to post on Christmas, even though we did a lot of stuff.

     12-21-13 to 12-24-13 we went to take a vacation doing things Like…skiing!!!! We went to Big Bear in CA to spend the holiday season. It was so fun! We went with 2 other families. We were all in one cabin, and it was kinda squishy. We had to bring our sleeping bags, and we kinda had an argument about who gets to take a shower first. ( it was really who got the hot water) But, we are close friends with the families. 

       Okay, skiing. I can go REALLY fast on skis. Like super fast. I also think I’m pretty good. Well, I love to ski ULTRA fast, so one time, I was skiing down a hill, when my friend fell. I was halfway down the hill, and my friend was only like beginning. So I had to walk uphill ( which is real hard) and help her up. And so when I did help her up, she pulled me down.  And so she helped me up, and I pulled her down. So we kinda got that process where like one goes up, and another goes down. So then, when I was down and she was up, for like the 15th time, I gave up. So I was sitting on the ground, I said, ” Go ahead, I’ll manage,” And my friend left. So I was just sitting there, then I had an idea. I got on my hands and knees, flipped around, so I was kinda and I mean KINDA not really doing a backbend bridge.  So then, I used my arms to push myself upright. So I did that, but before I could stand again, I started sliding downhill. and so, I was just sliding down hill, kinda crouching, and kinda standing. I admit it, it was scary, but it was also fun. I just slid down the hill, and so when I got down, I got up properly. 


        Ooh! Here is another skiing story. So there’s this mountain, called big bear mountain, or Bear Mountain or something. Whatever. So there are these little bumps, like slopes, and skiers and snowboarders can jump and do flips, and all that stuff. So when I was skiing, i accidentally went on the bumps. It was very, awfully, badly…..AWESOME!!! Like, on one of them, I was in midair!!! So fun!


       Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. Everybody’s singing, its a “holly jolly christmas, its the best time of the year, oh by golly have a holly jolly christmas this YEAR!” It’s so beautiful, with all the lights, and inflatable Santas, and snowmen, and reindeer, and candy canes, and hot cocoa, (wait, is there a decoration that’s an inflatable hot cocoa?) and all the good stuff. You get gifts, and candy, and a  big tree, and maybe some more candy, and the mall has Santas waiting to take a picture for you, and maybe 4 lbs of candy…okay, I think you get it. I like candy. I do. I do I do I do. I LOVE candy. Minty ones too! 

       What did you get for Christmas?? I got a lot of stuff. That’s all I’m going to say.. …     …….  Okay, okay, fine! I got the popular Rainbow Loom, I got a Just Dance 2014, and a jewlery box, and Sees Candies. 


         New Years! Okay, it was a low key one. We BBQed lamb chops in our back yard, and a yummy dinner, and counted down the seconds until midnight, in NY, that is. So, we watched a movie, and Mom went to beddy bye bye, my sister Hannah did too, Sarah did too, and I didn’t. My dad didn’t either. So, in the middle of the night, I went downstairs, where my Daddy was watching a movie, and I counted down the seconds with him! I got started on the New Year with the right foot. To all those people with got started with the left foot, next New Years, lift up your right foot, so you can get started on the right foot. 


    Well, there you have it! What happend on Christmas and New Years.  


Then I’d like to say, my New Years Resolution is 

For school, get all As

For Fun, beat the level on Little Big Planet, go To Hawaii, Go swimming, jump of a high dive, win a contest, and yeah, there’s more. It will take up all the space.

For House and Family,

Get control of the bunny phone. Be nice to sisters. 


Well that’s all!!! 

Happy New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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