Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

        My most strongest memories, are- Whoa. I have a lot. You realize everything is so DRAMATIC when you are almost 10. (btw, 10 on the 23!!!!) Every single thing, you have to put 7000 !!!!. And make numbers really big. So, I gave you this piece of info, because, well, in my stories, I’m gonna exaggerate A LOT. So get ready.By the way, this is ordered from latest to earliest.

1. Big Bear Fling (somewhere around last Christmas)

         I was at Big Bear, CA celebrating Christmas. My mom said it was time to go skiing. I shouted, “OK!! Just gimme a minute.” I quickly tugged on my GIGUNDO jacket, tried to grab my gloves, but my GIGUNDO jacket got in the way. I yanked the GIGUNDO jacket off, grabbed my gloves, and pulled the GIGUNDO jacket back on. When I finally got outside, all ready and packed up, a FREEZING, and  BONE-CHILLING, blast of air greeted me, with a cold cold hug. All of a sudden, my gigundo jacket didn’t seen that gigundo anymore. Well, anyway. My family and I hiked up to the top of Big Bear Mountain, took the ski lift, tried to throw snowballs into the trash dump while ON the ski lift, and skied down. But on the 100th run down, I tried to go on one of those little bumps in the road. It was by accident. So, when I went up, i FLEW!!!! And I actually landed safely. 🙂 

2. Surgery (when i was 6)

     When I was 6 I had my appendix taken out. The hospital was ok. It just smelled bad. I could watch TV. Well, anyway, I remember, when they put the thing that makes you sleep, I was watching Johnny Test.  So I don’t remember anything, until I woke up. This is the dramatic part. When I woke up, I was thirsty. REALLY THIRTY. First, I was like, what’s this weird thing on my nose? So I took it off, and by that time, I was still kinda groggy. When I inhaled the medicine stench of the hospital, that snapped me back to real life. I was THIRSTY!!!! really thirsty!!!! I yelled quietly (does that make sense? Well, you know what I mean.) until someone said, “Gasp! She’s awake!” Then a big nurse rushed over to me. I was still gasping for air, like a fish out of water. “Water! Gimme water!” I screamed weakly. The nurse was like, “no, you’ll choke, because you keep gasping like that.” In my head, I was hollering, “Who cares!?! i’d rather have water!” But that was because I was really desparate. I looked at my surroundings. There was a big light in my face, the nurse, some other people, other kids, and my mom. Then the nurse said, “I’ll give you ice chips if you behave.” In my head I screamed, “If I behave?! IF I BEHAVE?!? This is a matter of life and death! I’ll probably choose death, if you don’t gimme those ice chips!!!!!!” But I followed her instructions, and held my breath. Then my face felt cold. I let out the air. Then she gave me my PRECIOUS ICE CHIPS!!!!! I melted it in my mouth, and drank it. Water is precious. I ate 7 ice chips. 

The END!





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