OMG!!!! My Birthday is tomorrow!

           Hey people! (If you are not a human being, sorry for the inconvenience.) I’m so exited! Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!!! (on February 23, 2004) I’m turning 10!!!!!!! I cannot wait! For my birthday party, I’m gonna go roller skating, with all my friends who probably don’t have a single idea about each other! GASP! I could get my class friends to meet with my old friends! Then, I’d be making their lives better, because I’m making them new friends!!!… I’m so good to them. 

            So, at the roller skating party, we have about 18 people invited. (Including me. And people,(and animals, or aliens) sorry I couldn’t invite you, because I don’t have the slightest clue who you are.  I know. So sad!) That’s a lot of people! And by the way, you should REALLY read the words in parentheses. They take up most of the paragraph. Wait- GASP! I did a parentheses, INSIDE A PARENTHESES!! Is that even correct grammar?!

Image This is a picture I did when I was 5. Awwwww….. That was kinda random. Well, one last picture to finish it off. Image



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