I had a dream last night. It was about like 50 identical men walking around, in TOTAL COMPLETE SILENCE. It was scary.  

       I was in the parking lot of the Discovery Science Center. I was getting some fresh air. And for some reason, we were in the middle of a desert. So… moving on. When I got some fresh air, I saw a man. He had grey skin, black eyes, and reddish brown hair. He was also wearing a top hat. He started walking toward me, quickly. I thought he was just in a hurry, so I didn’t pay him any attention. I tried to go back in the Science Center, but the doors were locked, and the creepy guy was blocking me. “Ok… What’s going on…?” I thought. I walked away. Then, there were 2 creepy guys! Then 10. Then 30. THEN 50!! And they were all walking towards… ME. Very creepy. They didn’t say a word. They surrounded me. They stared at me. I closed my eyes, thinking this was a dream, (which it was) and opened them again. THERE WAS A CREEPY GUY 2 INCHES AWAY FROM MY NOSE!!!! Then i woke up. ImageThis is the creepy guy. 



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