Once, there was a girl named L. Actually, her name was Elle, but she spelled it L. Her teachers were not happy with this. She always spelled her name like that. And on spelling tests, she didn’t get that good grades, because she spelled like this.

Spelling Test

1. Y (Why)

2. Yn (Wine)

3. CC (Cece)

4. And so on… So now you can see why she got spelling tests wrong. So…

          A couple years after many many Fs on spelling, her parents decided to put her to use. They entered her in a speed texting contest. L didn’t know what to do! She thought grammar counted, but OF COURSE, it didn’t. (I mean, seriously. It’s texing!) So, she was up against her old rival, from elementary school. Her name was Janet. L was nervous. Janet had always been a “Goody Two Shoes” in school. She always got As, and rumor was, that she got a A+++ in grammar! L was nervous. But, Janet was nervous too. They were both nervous. BUT… Janet had weaknesses. #1. Grammar. Janet couldn’t stand seeing someone say something without correct grammar. For example, if I said, “Me and Sarah went swimming!” She would rip my head off, and shove it down my throat. #2. Sweating. She sweated buckets when she was scared. And right now, she was scared.

        “Ready… Set… TEXT!!” Shouted the referee. Both girls started typing letters as fast as she could. L went on ahead, and stRted txtin  rapdly like this. lttle did L kno, this advantej would hlp her 2 the finish line. Janet, on the other hand, texted like this. Little did Janet know, this was a disadvantage. Even with L in the lead, with hr speed txting, Jnet was gainig. L would need for weakness #2 to kick in. W8 4 it… W8 4 it… thought L. All of a sudden, in the corner of L’s eye, she saw sweat sliding down Janet’s hands. YES!!! A few minutes later, the sweat wet inside the phone, and L won.


Moral: If U cut words short lke this, U will B faster. And dont hold a Phone wn u r sweaty.


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