Yes, read the title. That’s what happened. But it was a minor one. So, here is what happened. So, my family and I were all sitting on the couch, doing something… Idk I forgot. So, all of a sudden, I heard a rumble. Then the ground started to shake. My sisters looked up from their book. We sat there for a second. Then I realized it was an EARTHQUAKE!!! I was so scared! My limbs were all like stiff. Why does that happen? So, I, stiff and all, ran under the table. By the end of the earthquake, no one was hurt, and our house wasn’t that damaged. Turns out, if was an aftershock, and I think it was a 3.6, or something. I was so scared. I really was. Oh, and by the way, I have a dance competition in April. If you want to find out which song I am doing it on, look up, Hit Me With A Hot Note. The lyrics version. So…. yeah, that’s about it. OH!! And if you happen to be competing in the contest, tell me!!! I’d love to know! And this is totally random, but if you have the app bakery story, care to add me as a neighbor? ID: slugif

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