Here’s a poem I wrote in school:



Write a poem, recite a poem

that’s all we ever do. 

I’m kinda getting tired of it,

I’m crying boo hoo hoo.


She says it could be rhyming,

or kazoodleydoodleydoo,

I’m DEFINITELY getting tired of it,

I’m screeching boo hoo hoo.



You ask, “Who is the awful person?”

“Who makes you do so much?”

It’s actually, (place teacher’s name here)

She/he’s evil and such and such. 



Sometimes she IS bossy,

she tells us what to do,

But I know inside she’s saying,

“Do this. It’s good for you.”



BUt STILL she’s 

terrifying horrifying

and so on..

we could make a list of all her never-ending cons.



Although she’s wicked,

horrible terrible and more,

if I didn’t have her in my class,

life would be such a bore!






and by the way.. you can use this as your own poem! Stick your teacher’s name in the place where it says..”place name here” so it’s your own!! BTW be sure to say it’s by a 10 yr old girl!! 🙂


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