Fourth of July!

Fourth of July was yesterday! I went camping with some friends. It was really fun! But we had some downsides. First, we went fishing. My mom took me to some “kids’ fishing place” and let us fish there. I thought the fish was naturally there until my mom told me that they put live fish in there just for us. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to make us feel “special” or something, or just gross me out. That’s so cruel! It’s like some person putting you in a room full of food, and you’re starving, but if you take the food, you die. :(. And I didn’t catch any fish. Our friend’s car broke down too. Well, some good parts were that we got to roast marshmellows, all that good stuff. So, overall, my fourth was great! What about yours?

Oh say can you see…


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