T’day I was writing in my journal and I wrote this. 



If this journal lasted for…I don’t know 5 million years, (highly unlikely) and it was the only record of the 21st century, I’d have to tell a lot. An what if the future people found this 500 million years later, but our language evolved so they couldn’t read my writing. They’d think it was a little child’s scribbles, so they probably throw it away, not realizing it was very precious. That would be a sad tragedy. So. What IF that happened? The future people could have no knowledge of the 21st century whatsoever.I think the future people would be a less “technologized” nation, for the 21st century, as I like to call it, “The Age of Technology”. And 500 million years later, there would be no one to say anything. And that is because maybe there would be a atom bomb war and wiped out all human kind. So that is what could happen. 


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