Okay, guys. I’m sorry I haven’t posting much. I was SO busy!! So my summer was AMAZING!!! In July, I went to the beach almost everyday for a month!! I went snorkeling! I saw so many fishes! Also, we were supposed to go to Yosemite, but there was a huge fire there, and my sister got sick, so did my dad, my other sister, and me. So I guess the signs were pretty clear we weren’t meant to go.

So right now, I’m going to a camp that has a sheep named Boo-Boo, a goat named Taffy, a pony named Cricket, a rabbit named Sammy, a hamster named Lovebug, 3 chickens, (Lola, Coco, Coconut, and a snake named Slither. So the camp is in Silverado somewhere, and it’s very fun!! We once put a hose down a regular playground slide, and boom! It’s a waterslide! But I went really fast, and I kept falling at the end, so they blew up a bounce house and put it on the end!! It was SO AWESOME!!

Also, yesterday, Taffy and Boo-Boo fought. They were head butting and everything! And Boo-Boo was only a baby! He is 8 months old. So Boo-Boo got hurt!!

So far, my summer was pretty cool. How was yours? 🙂


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