If I was a superhero, I would probably have a flying power. First, cuz that would be SO COOL!! And second, I have always dreamed of flying. Ever since I was little. But what if you flew, but couldn’t get back down? That would be kinda scary. How would you eat? I guess people could toss food to you…

Oh wait.. off topic! I’d also need a sidekick. Yep. A sidekick would be like on of my sisters. Actually… maybe henchmen. Oh wait… that sounds to evil. Okay, side kick.

I would have a cape. Oh yeah. Every one needs a cape. I love capes. They’re great for dramatic entrances and more. It’s like, ” *whips cape around randomly but still looks cool* I’ve got you now, (insert bad guy’s name here)!”

Ha ha… so that would be cool.


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