Hello world! This is my blog, and it is written by me! Cece! Lot’s of my friends and teachers call me Cece. And if I grow up to be FAMOUS…It going to be my stage name. Think about it. Cece! Ya think it sounds good with a last name, or without it?? Hmm… Cece Emerald! I think I like that! I can just hear it! ” EEEEEEEEK!! Oh my gosh! It’s Cece Emerald!!!” Ha ha! Just fantasizing about being famous…(sigh) Oh! back to the subject. I am turning 11 this year, and I’m in fifth grade. I live in California, and I love it here! It is always sunny, and rarely cold. I want to travel all around the world before I grow up. So, when I grow up, I’m planning on being an author and I can write about ALL the adventures of me going around the world.  . 

If I Was Queen of a Tropical Island,

Here is what I’d do.

  • Everyone would talk in Russian accents, on Saturdays.
  • I’d go swimming all day long sometimes, in the tropical waters.
  • There’d be a warm spring, where it would be a town jacuuzi. (I don’t know how to spell that.”
  • People wouldn’t be mean.
  • Only my favorite people would live there.
  • Giant gummy bears would be our friends.
  • We do the Hula on Wednesdays.
  • Eat cake on my birthday.

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