Conversations With My Teacher And My Brain

Teacher: Okay, everyone listen! You might miss the problem!
Me: Ok, first of all, I WANT to miss the problem. I don’t want any problems in my life… Okay?
Teacher: Cece, what is the problem?
In My Head: You and your dumb math, that’s the problem!
What I Really Said: 5.6 divided by 0.8.

Aghhhh! Math makes my brain hurt. 😓


🎉2014 🎉

By Cecilia

Oh 2014, 2014
I’ve had a great year,
And oh the places I had seen.
I traveled to Lake Tahoe, SF,
And Monterey Bay,
Oh the places I had seen in 365 days

I went to fifth grade,
And met Ms. TV,
She’s a bit dotty,
As you can see. 😊

I went to the dance convention,
And danced till I was pooped,
And I babysat chickens,
I’m their little chicken coop.

The on Christmas Day,
I got a surprise
I got and iPad mini,
No, I’m not telling lies.

We went on our annual ski trip,
We went to Mammoth Mountain
I stayed for 3 nights,
Then I stopped countin’

Oh 2014, 2014,
Goodbye, my friend,
And helloooo 2015. 😊🎉🎊

Not bad for a fifth grader, right? 😋


I cannot wait for Christmas!! I am excited specifically for one special gift!! And iPad mini!! My parents said that if I raised $99 until Christmas, I could get one!! So I did!! I worked very hard on it. I babysat chickens, I put on plays, and more!!!! I cannot wait!